3.2M Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Surf Board Anti-slip Water SurfBoard SUP Kayak

  • $304.00


Product name: Paddle Board

Main Body Material: PVC 

Use Scenarios:  Yoga, Racing, Rescue

Recommended Body Weight: < 130kg

Recommended Air Pressure Value: 12-15PSI

Product Size(L * W * H): About 320cm*76cm*15cm / 126" * 30" * 6"


  • Small and portable

Convenient to carry and play at any time

  • High quality material, sturdy and durable
  • Simple and easy to get started

Suitable for beginners to play on the water

  • Rhombus design on board surface

Comfortable and non-slip

  • Professional design security

Anti-vibration glued drawing & PVC structure

  • Buffer head; safety design

Buffer and stable linear design, safe and stable, soft speed, suitable for cruising or use on small waves

  • Stable net rope

Sturdy D-ring + safety rope. Can bind water bag and other items, not easy to slip off

  • Stable and adjustable tail fin

High water splitting, to ensure that the paddle board is stable in the water, and the sliding speed can be adjusted

  • Applicable: Fishing, Surfing, Water Yoga, Sunbathing, Water Activities, Cruising, Entertainment etc

Storage And Maintenance:

  1. Store in a cool, dry place

Please store the paddle board in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight to avoid cracking or fading

  1. Please avoid direct sunlight when not in use

The sun will not only damage the material, but also increase the pressure by thermal expansion, exceeding the set pressure limit

  1. Reduce PSI when not in use

If you must keep the paddle inflated in direct sunlight, reduce the pressure until you can press it with your hands

Package Includes:

1 x Paddle Board

1 x Detachable Fin

1 x Foot Leash

1 x Pump

1 x Repair Kit 

1 x Carry Backpack

1 x Oar