12V 8KW Portable Air Diesel Fuel Heating Heater Accessories Silencer Car Truck

  • $46.99


Can be applied for heating the cab of the freight vehicles, cargo, storage battery cars and all kinds of other parking heaters

Compact structure, easy to install;

Can dismantle a new car when replacing a vehicle.

NOTE: Packaged  Without Air Diesel Heater and Oil Tank.

Packaged includes:

1 x Main wiring Bundle 

1 x Oil pump

1 x Oil pump connection wire

1 x Filter

1 x Oil pipe

1 x Inlet air pipe

1 x Exhaust pipe

1 x Gasket

1 x Reducing tee

2 x Terminal

1 x Oil pump clip

1 x Inlet air pipe clip

1 x Exhaust pipe clip

2 x Inlet air pipe fixing clip

2 x Exhaust pipe fixing clip

6 x Oil pipe joint

12 x Oil pipe clip

4 x Washer

4 x Nut

6 x Self drilling tapping screw

4 x Self-tapping screw

10 x Nylon cable ties

1 x Air inlet hood  

1 x Silencer