10 Pcs Camping Cookware Utensil Cooking Set Pot Gas Stove Tank Holder Cup Lid

  • $47.99


Color: Green, orange

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Weight: 660g

Small pot: 122x105mm / 4.80x4.13inch

Small lid: 115x60mm / 4.52x2.36inch

Single package size: 127*125*170mm / 5x4.92x6.69inch

Applicable number: 1-2 people


-Non-stick pans and pots: safe, non-toxic aluminum, non-stick coating, easy to clean; high strength-made by anodizing process, aluminum metal surface has a stable protective layer.

-Small and portable: this camping cooker saves space and is compact; nylon mesh bags are provided to pack all items neatly for easy portability. It is designed to store a small space, easily occupy a small space, so that you almost feel the weight of the backpack

-Very suitable for outdoor kitchens: Camping cookers are equipped with all kitchen essentials, providing an ideal solution for boiling water and cooking outdoor food. This suit is perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, etc.

-Suitable for 1-2 people

-It adopts imported aluminum materials, high-grade hard aluminum oxide, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and comfortable feel. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Bag packaging.

Package Includes:

1 x Pot

1 x Lid (can be used as a small pot)

1 x Gas tank holder

1 x Mini gas stove

1 x Silicone sleeve water cup

1 x Three-piece setware