12V Portable Travel Camping High Power Pressure Washer Shower Car Electric Pump

  • $38.99


Product Name: 12V Portable Outdoor Camping Car Shower Set

Material: ABS

Colour: Orange/Blue

Shower head length: About 19cm/7.48 inch

Hose length: 2m/78.74 inch

Vehicle power cable: 5m/196.85 inch

Voltage: 12V

Current: 3A

Power: 25W

Effluent rate: 5L / min


- The 12 Volt Shower set is great for outdoor adventures.

- Low power consumption

- Lightweight, portable car showering kit

- Ideal for outdoor shower and pet cleaning

Package Includes:

1* Shower Pump 

1* Shower Head 

1* Power Cable 

1* Shower Hose 

1* Storage Bag 

1* Shower Head Bracket 

1* Sucker 

1* Hook 

1* Hook up


1. Prepare a bucket of clean water in advance (the water temperature should not exceed 45 ℃), put the water pump into the bucket, and insert the power plug into the 12V cigarettes lighter port of the car.

2. Adjust the height of the nozzle, and fix the nozzle in a suitable position by using the suction cup and hook attached to the product.

3. Then push the water outlet switch at the bottom of the nozzle horizontally, and then press the water pump start switch to enjoy the different feeling of a camping shower.