500ml 18oz Glass Cooking Olive Oil Vinegar Dispenser Pourer Bottle Kitchen Tool

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  1. This bottle is made of lead-free glass, is the best container for oil, sauce, vinegar.
  2. Transparent body, convenient to identify the liquid and see the level.
  3. One hand operation, easy to open and close the bottle cap by gently pressing the lid.
  4. Oil nozzle can make oil and other liquids pouring well and keep the bottle wall clean, which do not hang wall to the bottle body.
  5. Seal silicone ring strengthen the closed, making the cap seal better, isolated from the air which prevent seasoning from oxidation and pollution.
  6. With Wave point at the bottom, effective anti-skid.
  7. Great kitchen helper, help you enjoy a healthy life.



Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Size: Approx. 5x5x30cm/ 1.97x1.97x11.81"

Capacity: 500ml(18oz)


Cleaning Tip:

  1. Soda cleaning- after 30 minutes soaking, with a soft brush, gently brush off dirt, and then rinse with water.
  2. White vinegar washing- soak in diluted acetic acid for 30 minutes, with a soft brush gently brush off dirt, and then rinse with water.
  3. Toothpaste cleaning- smear toothpaste on the surface of the container without water, gently brush off dirt with a soft brush, and then rinse with water.


Package Includes:

1X Bottle