76/102/201/303Pcs Tile Levelling System Spacer Tool Locator Floor Wall Wrench

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76/102/201/303Pcs Tile Leveling System Toolkit Level Wedges Alignment Spacers for Leveler Locator Spacers Plier Flooring Wall Tile Carrelage


Product Name: Tile Levelling System Tool

Material: PP + 430 Stainless Steel

Suitable Spacer: 2mm-8mm Spacer

Tile thickness: 5mm-20mm 

Advantage: Recycling is desirable for repeated use


76 Pcs × Tile Leveling System Tool

Or 102 Pcs × Tile Leveling System Tool

Or 201 Pcs × Tile Leveling System Tool

Or 303 Pcs × Tile Leveling System Tool


- Wear-resistant, reusable.

- Easy to use for DIY operation.                              

- Keep the tile balance on the same horizontal position.

- Improve tile installation speed.                       

- Reduce installer fatigue/stress.                              

- Virtually lippage free, flat surface drastically.               

- Reduces the need for grinding and polishing.             

- Prevents tiles from moving while curing.  

Using Tips:                                                                          

1. Paving the first tile, leave more than 2mm (use with cross spacer). Close to the tiles.  

2. Insert T-shaped needle along the gap in the tile.          

3. Then 180 degree rotation,T-shaped needle stuck at the bottom of the two tiles.

4. Adjust the caps with your hand/special wrench until the two tiles are on the same level.


5. About 5-6 hours after leveling, Before cement/adhesive is completely dry, rotate caps in the reverse direction, remove 180° T-needle until the word, take out.

Package Includes:

Type: Quantity

76 Pcs: 

25 Pcs × Tile Leveling System

1 Pc × Wrench

50 Pcs × Tile Spacers

102 Pcs: 

50 Pcs × Tile Leveling System

2 Pcs × Wrench
50 Pcs × Tile Spacers

201 Pcs: 

100 Pcs × Tile Leveling System

1 Pcs × Wrench

100 Pcs × Tile Spacers

303 Pcs:

100 Pcs × Tile Leveling System

3 Pcs × Wrench
200 Pcs × Tile Spacers