50% VLT Black Home House Car Window Anti UV Tint Protective Film Roll 6Mx50cm

  • $31.99

50% Black Car Window Anti-UV Tint Protective Film 6Mx50cm

Material: PET
Color: Black
Size: 6m x 50cm (Length * width)
VLT: 50% (Visual Light Transmission)
Heat Rejection: 50%
UV Rejection: 90%
Application: car / bedroom / balcony / kitchen / office / sliding door / warehouse / bathroom, toilet, and other smooth surface.

1. High quality PET material, uniform colour ,
smooth surface, do not fade, electrostatic adsorption, transparent back film.
2. Protects vehicles, high insulation, explosion-proof, anti-ultraviolet, and improves daytime privacy.
3. It protects your room from Strong sunlight, reduces 60% solar radiation in summer, keeps in heat in winter, reducing electricity usage .
4. 90% Anti-UV.
5. This no-glue(no adhesive). Electrostatic absorption onto glass. Easy to stick on and tear down.

Package includes:
1x Car Window Film