10 - 35 Clip Peg Stainless Steel Metal Foldable Cloth Clothes Airer Hanger Dryer

  • $14.99

Name Fold-able Clothes Hanger 
Style 10 Clips, 16 Clips, 18 Clips, 20 Clips, 35 Clips
Material Stainless Steel
10 Clips Folding Size Approx. 25x4cm/9.84x1.57inch
16 Clips Folding Size Approx. 18x5.5cm/7.09x2.1inch
18 Clips Folding Size Approx. 33x5cm/12.99x1.97inch
20 Clips Folding Size Approx. 54x4.5cm/21.26x1.77inch
5 Clips Folding Size Approx. 48.5x6.5cm/19.09x2.56inch

Stylish, convenient to use
Can be folded to save space, for use indoors and outdoors
Flat head design, rust resistant with strong grip clips, won't damage your clothes
Special hook design, wind-proof, it can hook up on the stick or clothesline safely to avoid being blown away
A great way to dry smaller laundry items together. Ideal for drying socks, underwear, vests, baby clothes and other small items
Easily bring in your small items from the washing line in one go when it starts raining
Perfect for camping and traveling as well

Package Includes:
1 x Fold-able Clothes Hanger