32-63mm Venturi Fertilizer Water Irrigation Sprinkler System Injector Spreader

  • $31.99

Color: Grey
Material: Plastic
4 Size Optional: 32mm (1'') / 40mm (1.5'') / 50mm (2'') / 63mm (2.5'')
Made of solid and durable engineering plastic.
Excellent chemical resistance.
Highly efficient and compact.
Fertilizer and chemical injection through drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.
What Is Venturi Fertilizer Injector?
-A venturi is a device which creates a vacuum when fluid flows through it. The fluid which creates the vacuum is known as the motive fluid. Vacuum created by the venturi sucks fertilizer or chemical into motive water.
How To Work Venturi?
-Our Venturi is water driven. It is driven by the pressure of the main irrigation pipeline.
Package Includes:
1 x Irrigation Venturi Fertilizer Injector (with switch)
1 x Water Tube (with filter)