2000W 4000W DC 12V to AC 220V Power Battery Pure Sine Wave Inverter Converter

  • $195.99

1. Lasting Power Rate: 2000W
2. Peak Power Rate: 4000W
3. Output Frequency: 50Hz
4. Output Voltage: 220V
5. Input Voltage: 12V
1. Controlled by digitized CPU. True sine wave DV/AC. Using battery pack to generate energy and convert it into AC voltage output.
2. The output is sine wave, and it can work under 0%-100% of the load condition.
3. Its surge power can increase more than double, which could apply to different types of load, such as inductive load, capacitive load, etc.
4. The application range includes computers, communications, yachts, recreational vehicle, family recreational devices, motors, electric tools, industrial-control devices, video players, household appliances, etc.
5. Suitable for traveling, emergency, office, home and outdoors activities.
6. Short circuit protection, high-temperature protection, low voltage and high voltage protection, overload protection, storm surge protection.
Package Includes:
1 x Power Inverter
1 x Car Lighter
1 x Pair of Copper Clip