50pcs Clear Coin Plastic Holder Capsule Case Cover Adjustable 19 24 29 34 39mm

  • $18.99

Coin holders with Adjustable
EVA Foam to hold coins tightly inside the holder.


Case material: Polystyrene
Inner mat material: EVA (adjustable and made of EVA in white color)
Style: Capsules Holder
Color: Clear
Can hold the coins size: 19mm 24mm 29mm 34mm 39mm
— Made of PS material, reusable and lightweight.
— Perfect for storage and protect coins from scratch.
— You can peel the pads according to the size of your coins.
— Capsules are securely packaged and separated within layers of foam & cardboard
— Suitable for awards ceremony, advertising sales promotion, business gifts, exhibitions.
Package Includes:
50 x Coin Holder Cases(19mm 24mm 29mm 34mm 39mm)
(coins not included)