Handcraft Embroidery Starter Cross Stitch Needle Sewing Thread Hoop Frame Kit

  • $38.99

Material: Bamboo hoop, plastic, metal
Colour: Multi Colours
Ring Size: 13cm, 17cm, 20cm, 23cm, 26cm
Metal screws reveal fine anti - skid relief texture.
Polished bamboo embroidery frame.
Different sizes to meet the needs of different size fabric.
Soft silky 50 colours embroidery threads.
Suitable for all kinds of fabric production, can also be used to make a variety of creative products.
Multiple uses: can be used for embroidery display frame / decorative painting / jewelry display / small object storage / dream catcher / wedding decoration / ring setting, etc.
Package includes:
5 X Bamboo Embroidery Rings
2 X 30X30cm Embroidery Cloth
50 X Lines
1X Scissors
1 X Thimble
10 X Bobbins
1 X Untwist Tool
2 X Needle Threading Tools
2 X Needle Embroidery S lice
30 X 3 Sizes Embroidery Needles