Drillpro 19pcs 80mm Buff Buffing Polishing Waxing Foam Sponge Car Pads Kit Set

  • $35.99

Drillpro 19PCS 80mm Flat Sponge Buff Buffing Pad Polishing Pad Kit Set

Material: sponge
Color: Blue/Orange/Yellow/Black
Thickness: 3cm
Diameter : 80mm (3")
9 Pads- Diameter 80mm Thickness 30mm
9 Pads- Diameter 80mm Thickness 25mm
1 Handle - Diameter 8mm Length:50mm
-Great toughness & wear resistance.
-Gentle on car paint and the car
-Different degrees of softness
- It is suitable for waxing, polishing and painting.
- Can be used with pneumatic or electric polishing machines.
- Recommended waxing rpm is 1000-1500 to turn / min.
- Recommended Product polishing is 1500-2000 to turn / min.
- Best to use with cold water 15-25 ℃.
Package includes: 
18 x Polishing pads + 1 x Drill Adapter-M10