Drillpro x5 12mm Head 6mm Shank Tungsten Carbide Rotary Point Burr Die Drill Bit RB13

  • $50.99

Drillpro 5pcs 12MM Head Tungsten Carbide Rotary Point Burr Die 6mm Shank For Rotary Drill


Material: Carbide
Cutting edge diameter: 12mm
Shank diameter: 6mm
Total length: 60-70mm
Quantity: 5pcs

Processing all kinds of metal (including all sorts of hardened steel) and non-metal (such as marble, jade, bone).
Machining hardness reaches ≥HRA85.
High efficiency, high-quality finish, long service life, good economic returns.
Easy to use, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity.
For mechanical parts chamfer, rounding and groove processing.

Package includes:
5x Carbide Rotary Tool Bits