Excellway Universal 2A Electrical Light Lamp Cable In Line ON OFF Rocker Switch

  • $12.50

Brand: Excellway®
Size:Approx. 5.96cm (L)x 2.6cm (W)x 1.35cm(H)
Material: plastic
voltage:110-250V AC/2A

-It is durable and On/off button for convenient use.
-Simple design and good for bedroom use.
-Useful rocker switch.
-Rated 110-250V AC/2A.
-For the installation of double core flat wire, double core round wire or three core round wire. And the range of wire diameter is between 0.3mm and 0.75square.
-Usage: electrical appliances, fixtures, table lamp, floor lamp etc...

Package Includes:
1x Line Cord Switch