Plug Pins Feather and Wedges Shims Tare Concrete Rock Stone Splitter Hand Tool

  • $16.50

Plug Wedges and Feather Shims Concrete Rock Stone Splitter Hand Tool
Model: Industrial Grade 16
Name: Wedge and Feather
Uses: used in conjunction with hammer, (compressor) drilling machine bits.
Wedge Length: 4.72 inch (120mm) ,
Feathers Length: 2.28 inch (58mm)
Diameter: 10mm( 0.39 inch )
(1 set = one wedge and two feathers )

Instructions for use:
Position the feathers in the hole so the flat sides of the wedge will be parallel to the line along which the break will occur. Drive the wedge into the slot between the feathers until the rock cracks, or until it sticks in the rock
Package Includes:
1 x Wedge and Feather Set