4M Universal Washing Machine Dishwasher Drain Outlet Hose Pipe Extension Kit

  • $28.99

4M Washing machine dishwasher drain hose outlet water pipe, flexible extension 22mm with bracket.

Material PP
Machine Connecting Hole Inner Dia 18mm/0.7"
Machine Connecting Hole Outer Dia 27mm/1.1"
Outer Dia 25mm/1.0"
Inner Dia 22mm/0.9"(fits 22mm)
Overall Size 4m x 24mm/ 157.5" x 0.94"

Elbow size is suitable for 22-23MM.
The outlet size is suitable for 20-21MM.

- Anti-deformation, anti-aging and cracking resistant.
- Washing machine drain hose extension kit.
- PP material built in the hose. It will return to the original shape after bending.
- Suitable for inlet hoses and drainage hoses of various washing machines.

Installation Method:
1. Measure the diameter of your washing machine waterspout.
2. Install it to fit the waterspout.
3. Test to avoid water leakage.

Package Includes:
1 x Drain hose
1 x Bracket