20x152cm Silver Chrome Reflective Mirror Vinyl Wrap Film Car Sticker Decal Sheet

  • $23.99


1. Condition: Brand new,weather proof.
2. Air pocket release backing design so there are no bubbles.
3. Self adhesive.
4. Very easily cut - scissors will slide right through.
5. Measurement lines on the back to easily cut to different sizes.
6. Highly stretchable.
7. Will not harm your paint or natural finish - no residual glue once removed.
8. Size: 8x60inch (20*152cm).


1. Water proof.
2. UV Protected.
3. Outdoor life over 5 years, indoor life over 8 years.
4. The ultimate in flexibility.
5. Can be applied and reapplied for desired look.
6. Highly stretchable - able to conform to nearly every situation.
7. Extremely thin - fits in tight spots and corners.
8. Cost effective compared to a paint job.

Package Includes:

1 x Vinyl Wrap