3pcs 1.9m Portable Air Conditioner Adjustable Window Slide Kit Plate Wind Shield

  • $55.99

3pcs 1.9m adjustable window slide kit plate / air conditioner wind shield fit for portable air conditioner.

Colour: White
Quantity: 3pcs
Maximum adjustment length: 190cm/75in
Outside plate size: 67.6x9.5cm/26.6x3.7in
Inner  plate: 67.6x10cm/26.6x3.9in
Hole size: 7.5x20cm/3x8in

1.Suitable for various models of portable air conditioner units.
2.It can be freely stretched and adjusted in length.

1.Screws are required for fixing the two plates, while screws are NOT included in this item.

Package Includes:
1 x Inner Plate
2x Outer Plates