11pcs Network Cable Wire Tester Stripper Crimper Crimping Pliers Punch Tool Kit

  • $37.99

* Three pressure crimping pliers 4P / 6P / 8P crystal head for a variety of cable and telephone line compression joints. High hardness and precision crimping die. Durable and does not damage the network terminal.
* 468 tester - using automatic scanning which is fast, streamlined shape, and light design.
* 501 stripping knife - Stripping line does not hurt the core, and is suitable for a variety of wire diameter. Using only a few turns of the fingers, you can remove the cable sheath.
* KD-1 wire knife - High hardness metal blade and strong plastic composition.
* Mini card knife - a variety of stripping specifications with a card line function.
Material: Carbon steel
Color: black bag
Tester: 10x10cm
Screwdriver: 16cm
Crimping pliers: 20cm
Tool kit: 27x15x7cm
Package includes: 
1 x Tester
1 x Three crimping pliers
1 x Wire strippers
1 x Threading knife
1 x Finger button type stripper
1 x Mini small yellow knife
1 x 3mm Phillips screwdriver
1 x 3mm flat blade screwdriver
1 x 10pcs crystal head
1 x 10 compartment storage box
1 x Tool kit