Solar Auto Darkening Dimming MIG ARC TIG Welding Welder Lens Mask Helmet

  • $114.00

Features :

- Definition protective filter: You can see the welding conditions clearly when welding the goods. Welding luminosity is soft and comfortable.
- It works the moment you start work. This products adopts advanced circuit design.
- Striking the arc, the observing window darkens immediately.
- Permanent UV/IR protection.
- Fashion appearance. Ultra light design and comfortable.
- High performance solar cells and lithium battery.
- Sensitivity and delay time can be adjustable.
- Grinding and welding mode can be chosen.
Specification :

Material: PA/PP
Filter Model: LY800H
Filter Size: 133 x 114 x 10mm
Viewable Size: 100 x 93mm
Product size: 300mm*260mm
Light State Levels: DIN4
Dark State Levels: DIN5-9/9-13
Way to shift Dark State: Outer,step-less shift
Switching Time: ≤1 / 10000S
Delay Time: 0.1S-0.8S
Sensitivity Adjustment: Step-less control
Power Supply: Solar + Replaceable lithium battery
Sensors to Weld Arc: 4
Protect Grade Against UVB: DIN16
Working temperature: -20℃ - 65℃
Grind: Yes
Cut: Yes
Low Battery: Yes
Test: Yes
Package includes :

1 x Welding Helmet
1 x Adjustable Headband