Drillpro Sander Sanding Belt Adapter Attachment For 5'' 8'' - 11 Angle Grinder

  • $57.99

Drillpro Angle Grinder Mini Belt Sander Attachment Adapter for use with 5/8"-11 Thread Spindle Angle Grinder
Belt Sander Attachment Set Make Your Grinder Into a Mini Belt Sander in a Minute

This belt sander attachment set is designed for 5/8"-11 thread spindle angle grinder.

Name Belt Sander Attachment Use in Angle Grinder
Connecting Spindle 5/8"-11 thread spindle
Fit for Angle grinder with 5/8"-11 thread spindle
Belt size 15mm x 452mm
Use to                                                                 Polishing Wood, Metal, Stainless Steel and etc.

1. Change your angle grinder into a belt sander in a minute.
2. Perfect for wood, metal, stainless steel polishing, grinding, easy and fast polishing.
3. Head swivels 180 degrees up and down, lightweight aluminum body.
4. Less beating, less noise, high stability, suitable for precision DIY work.
5. Multi-function, cost saving and efficiency improvement.
6. It can help you sand in narrow spaces.
7. It can be used at home or in industry.

Package Includes:
1 x Mini Belt sander attachment set
1 x 5/8"-11 thread spindle adapter
5 x Sanding belts
3 x Working arm
1 x Wrench
1 x Dust removing pipe
1 x Screw
(Angle grinder is not included.)