Black 12v 4 Pin 12mm Led Light Metal Waterproof Push Button Momentary Switch

  • $26.99

12mm Black Aluminum Momentary Push Button Switch 4 Pin Ring LED Kit

Product name: Push Button Switch
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
LED color: White Yellow Red Green Blue
Switch Rating: 2A 36V
LED voltage: 12 V (When the voltage is higher than 12V, you need to add external resistor)
Operation Type: Momentary type (push it-on, release it-off)
Head shape: flat
Hole size: 12mm
Size: Length: 21.3mm Width: 14mm(approx.)

- Made of
strong and durable aluminum.
- High-grade appearance and nice touch feeling.
- Rubber ring and hexagonal nut fixation, anti dust and waterproof.
- Copper plating and silver terminals for good conductive properties.
- Momentary type, push it-on, release it-off.
Durable metal button head.

Package Includes:
1 x LED Button Switch