110-220V 9W Flexible Magnetic Base CNC Machine Work Working Bench LED Lamp Light

  • $76.99

Light source LED light source
Model #3: Square fixed base
#2: Round Magnetic base 
#1: Square Magnetic base
Color Rendering Index >80
Light color 6000-6500k white light
Voltage 110-220V
Power 9W
Material Aluminum alloy
Surface temperature <40℃
Lamp holder diameter 53mm

1. Good quality aluminum alloy lamp holder: high density aluminum alloy, durable, corrosion resistant and no rust.
2. One-button switch, easy to operate.
3. The hose is closely connected with the lamp holder.
4. Combination of ABS plastic pipe sleeve and flexible metal hose for improved corrosion resistance.
5. Power Transformer to convert large current into small voltage to provide stable current for illumination and prolong its service life.

Package Includes:
1pc x Machine tool working lamp