Portable Vintage 144 Tiles Chinese Mahjong Mah Jong Majiang Game Set + Dice Box

  • $86.99

Colour: Multi-colour
Material: Melamine
Package Weight: App 2415g
Box size: App 23.5cm*16.5cm*5.5cm
Big Dice size: App 1.2cm*1.2cm*1.2cm
Small Dice size: App 0.9cm*0.9cm*0.9cm
Mah-Jong Size: App 2.8cm*1.6cm*2.1cm

1.Easy to carry, suitable for playing when travel
2.Chinese Style box, a perfect gift for your friend.

36 Circles, 36 Bamboos, 36 Characters, 12 Dragons, (Red, Green, and White), 16 Winds (N, E, S, W), 8 Flowers and Seasons

Package includes:
1x 144 tiles Chinese Mahjong
1x Mahjong Box
3x Dices
2x Spare Mah jong