12Pcs Tub Grout Cleaner Power Scrubber Cleaning Drill Brush Removal Tool Set Kit

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12Pcs Drill Brush Set Tub Cleaner Grout Power Scrubber Cleaning Attachments Kit


Product Name Drill Brush Set
Type Disc brush
Brush Material High temperature PP
Shape Circular
Function Cleaning and polishing
Size 21.0cmx11.0 cmx14.0 cm/8.26inx4.33inx5.3in
Application Plastic
Material Stainless steel + PP
Total Length 130 (mm)
Handle Material PP
Bristle Length 250 (mm)
Brush Use Clean and polish
Bristle Thickness 0.2mm/0.3mm/0.4mm
Quantity 12 Pcs × Drill Brush


– Save time & money with the Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit. Attach to any cordless drill or impact driver, become a powerful cleaning tool. Get stubborn cleaning jobs done faster and achieve a deeper clean, definitely a good partner for your household cleaning. (Drill is not included)

- Drill brush attachment set allows you to tackle any cleaning application: Each drill brush of home power scrubber set has its special shape and size designed to clean bathroom surfaces, grout, upholstery, wheels, tile, shower, toilet, kitchen, bathtub and carpet etc, Nylon bristles will not scratch surfaces of them.


- Easy access with your drill and are safe to use, quick connection by sliding right into your drill then simply tighten. Press your brush against the surface you want to clean and start the drill, make every nook and cranny of your house absolutely spotless.

Package Includes:

4Pcs ×  brush head (2 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch)
6Pcs × cleaning pad
1Pc × 15cm telescopic rod
1Pc × 4 inch sticky plate and screw