25pcs Mandala Dotting Tools Set Kit Rock Painting Dot Nail Art Pen Paint Stencil

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25pcs/Set Mandala Dotting Tools Rock Painting Kits Dot Art Pen Paint Stencil
Supplies include the tools, plus a paint tray, a flexible plastic stencil.
This dotting tools kit suits almost all mandala rock or stone dotting art painting.


Type: Mandala Dotting Tools Rock Painting Kits
QTY: 25Pcs/Set 


* Make Perfect Dots:
The flat head acrylic pens are precisely cut and are perfect for dot painting or creating mandala art on rocks, paper, stretched canvas.
* Easy to Clean and Reuse:
The acrylic plastic mandala dotting tools and stainless steel ball stylus are easy to clean with a damp cloth or paper towel.
* Lightweight and Durable:
These Creative and great tool for mandala dot art tools are super lightweight plastic, which allows you to paint dots for hours without fatigue from heavy tools. No sharp edges to cut yourself. Sturdy acrylic and stainless steel tools are stain-proof, rust-free, and won’t swell.

Package Includes:

25 x Pcs Mandala Dotting Tools