240pc M3 Carbon Steel Allen bolt 4-25mm Button Head Hex Socket Cap Screw box kit M3CH3

  • $18.99

Mateiral :Black Carbon steel
Type : Hex socket cap head screw
Total Weight: About 200g

1.Made of Carbon steel material,durable and solid,never rust.
2.Use for electronic, electrical appliances, chemical, cement, machinery
   and equipment, furniture ,quadcopter, FPV and so on.

Package Includes:

Type Quantity
M3*4mm 20Pcs
M3*5mm 20Pcs
M3*6mm 20Pcs
M3*8mm 20Pcs
M3*10mm 20Pcs
M3*12mm 20Pcs
M3*16mm 20Pcs
M3*20mm 20Pcs
M3*25mm 20Pcs
M3 Nut 60Pcs
Total 240Pcs