Anti UV Solar Blocker PVC Home Glass Window One Way Mirror Tint Tinting Film

  • $37.99

-Reflective effect reduces the cost of air conditioning in summer thanks to effective heat dissipation.
-Anti UV: protection from UV rays reduces the discoloration of floors, furniture, portraits, curtains, etc.
-Perfect features: absorbs the effects of burglary attempts, minimizes damage, keeps broken glass together.

Color: Black / Sliver / Blue
Material: PVC window film
Size: S: 45×200CM, M: 90×200CM, L: 90×200CM

Package list:
1×Roll of Windows Tint Film

1. Keep the window or glass clean.
2. Spray water on the window or glass. (Soapy water will be better).
3. Measure the glass surface and cut the film 2.5 cm larger than the desired size.
4. Peel off the carrier film before applying the film to the glass.
5. Remove any air bubbles or imperfections with a spatula or paper.
6. Cut off the additional film.
7. Clean and dry the mirror film with a soft cloth without leaving any marks.