Warming Thermal Warm Lumbar Lower Back Waist Pain Support Belt Pain Brace Strap

  • $31.99

Material Cashmere, bamboo charcoal fibre, latex wire
Color Grey
Size S: 80 x 18cm / 31.49 x 7.08inch
M: 90 x 20cm / 35.43 x 7.87inch
L: 100 x 20cm / 39.37 x 7.87inch
XL: 110 x 20cm / 43.30 x 7.87inch
Suitable for waistline S: 60cm - 73.3cm
M: 73.3cm - 90cm
L: 93.3cm - 100cm
XL: 103.3cm - 110cm

Made of high-quality
cashmere fabrics - soft and comfortable to the touch, giving you moire comfort throughout the winter.
Sweat-wicking, breathable and can be worn under close-fitting clothing.
Relieves pain and muscle tension, accelerates the process of recovery.
Warms your back.

Package Includes:
1 x Warming belt