Mini Portable Pocket Speaker USB TF AUX MP3 Music Player Stereo Digital FM Radio

  • $23.99

Colour: Red
Power Output: 3W
THD: ≤5%
Speaker: 57mm 3Ω
Freq.Response: 240Hz-15KHz
FM Frequency: 70MHz-108MHz
Input Power: DC 5V 0.5A
Battery: 18650 3.7V/1200mAH
-Super LOUD despite its small size.
-Plays up to 8000 songs in MP3 format.
-Easy to use.
-Power: Slide to switch ON or OFF.
-Mode: Press to change source between MP3(USB/SD) AND FM. In FM mode, press and hold to auto-search and preset station frequency.
-Previous: In MP3 mode, press to skip to previous track, press and hold to fast backward a track. In FM mode, press to select previous preset station.
-Next: In MP3 mode, press to skip to next track, press and hold to fast forward a track. In FM mode, press to selection next preset station.
-Vol. Down: Press to decrease volume.
-Vol. Up: Press to increase volume.
-Number 0-9: In MP3 mode, press to select the specific track you want to listen (e.g. press 28 to select the 28th track in your playlist) .In FM mode, press to enter the station you want to listen(e.g. press 898 to select the 89.8MHz broadcasting station) .
-USB Port: Insert USB flash-drive to play music track.
-Headphone: Insert headphone if you do not want to disturb others when listening.
-TF slot: Insert microSD flash-drive(TF card) to play music track.
-DC 5V: Connect the provided power cable (USB-mini USB) to charge battery.
Package Includes:
1 x Portable radio
1 x 18650 battery
1 x USB charging cable