1M 64mm 2.5'' Silicone Flexible Brake Hot Cold Air Induction Ducting Duct Hose

  • $22.99

Silicone Flexible Brake Ducting Hose - is easy to replace, cut and adapt to your piping needs.


Wall Silicone coated glass fiber fabric
Spiral Spring steel wire
Reinforcement Glass fiber cord
Delivery Variants Wireless sleeves
Working temperature -70 degree approx. To +300 degree approx
Inner Diameter 64mm/2.5''
Thickness 1mm
Length 1 meter/39.4''

-Extremely good heat resistance.
-Smooth interior.
-Highly flexible.
-Small bending radius.
-High Performance ratings with excellent reliability in all conditions.
-Easy to replace, cut and adapt to your piping needs.

For transmission hot and cold air, chemical fumes and industrial fumes
For printing machines, blowers and compressors
For exhausting gas, engine construction, engine Warming, aircraft construction and military construction

Package Includes:
1 x 1 Meter 64mm 2.5" inch Air Ducting