800L/h 12V 5.5m Ultra Quiet Brushless Motor Mini Submersible Water Pump Lift

  • $24.99

- Uses advanced electronic components and high-quality wear-resistant shaft
- Long working life, continuous power-on working time of more than 10,000 hours.
- With smooth operation, high efficiency, good performance.
- Small volume, low noise, safe and environmental friendly.
Name: Water Pump
Model: ZYW680 
Housing material: ABS
Pump shaft material: zirconia ceramic
Rotor material: ferrite, POM
Voltage: DC 12V 
Power: 19W
Maximum Rated Current: 1000MA
Flow Rate: 800L/h(Max.)
Water lift: 2.5-5.5m
Maximum speed: 8000rpm
Pump outlet diameter: ID: 8mm, OD:11.5mm
Pump inlet diameter: ID:13mm, OD: 15.8mm
Working environment temperature: 1-70 ℃
Noise: < 35 db (water) under operation
Drive mode: Brushless, magnetic isolation
Conveying medium: Water, oil, and other acid-base solutions
Pump shaft position: horizontal
Impeller structure: open impeller
Impeller suction method: single suction type
Waterproof rating: IP68 (dive installation)
Cable line: 50cm
Sizes:About 7.7x4.2x6.5cm/3x1.7x2.6in
Package includes:
1 x Brushless Motor Water Pump
The water pump cable (red line is positive), power source can be a battery or a power converter.
Common Troubleshooting:
1.The pump flow is reduced or no water. (The pump chamber can be disassembled for cleaning).
2. When the pump does not run water. (There is air in the pump or in the pipeline.)
1.Do not get positive and negative wrong.
2.Do not connect directly to 220V power supply.
3.The pump is suitable for medium temperature 1 ℃ -60 ℃.