AUGIENB 7 Stage Acid Alkaline House Faucet Tap Water Filter Purifier System Set

  • $245.00

[Ultrafiltration Membrane Technology]:

Made of food grade PAN material, the surface has excellent hydrophilicity. It is not easy to get dirt, and 0.01 micron high-precision filtration ensures water cleanliness, hygiene and safety.

The effluent is a weakly alkaline mineral water that retains trace elements and minerals beneficial to the human body.

[3/8 Inch Thread Faucet Installation]:

1.Chassis seal

2.Plastic gasket

3.Rubber gasket

4.Fixing nut

[Filter Replacement  Installation]:

The card is connected to the filter element, and the water is sealed in both directions.

When the filter is replaced, the base of the filter does not drip.

Remove the top cover of the machine and rotate the filter element that needs to be replaced in a counterclockwise direction.

Take out the filter element and install the filter element.

The 3 holes at the bottom of the filter element must be opposite to the 3 holes inside the base.

Lightly press the filter element and rotate it clockwise.





Water purification volume: 2.5L/MIN

Applicable water source: Municipal tap water

Filter series: 0.01μm

Suitable temperature: 5-45 ° C

Working pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa

Features: no need for power supply, energy saving and environmental protection, one-button sewage.



1 x Super 7 stage Water Filter machine

1 x Tap hanging piece

1 x 3/8 inch thread "I"type straight

1 x 1/4 inch thread of sewage valve

5 x 3/8 inch thread blue buckles

2 x 1/4 inch thread blue buckles

3 x Self-tapping screws

3 x Expanded rubber pellets

1 x 1/2 inch thread into the water

1 x 3/8 inch thread stainless steel ball valve

1 x Faucet