ZOHD Dart250G 570mm Wingspan PNP FPV Remote Control Drone Glider Plane Airplane

  • $256.00

ZOHD Dart250G 570mm Wingspan Sub-250 grams Sweep Forward Wing AIO EPP FPV RC Airplane KIT/PNP W/FPV Ready Version 

Using manufacturer's default configuration and the recommended FPV gear, it is 100% under 250 grams.
To the untrained eye, she will look like a harmless toy but, -we and you know- this is a super capable FPV ship that will even let you do long range like the bigger sisters. Being so light, it’s a blessing for beginners. Also, coupled with NEW Kopilot Lite and the VC400 camera, you will get a ready to go FPV system.
Now you can enjoy more than 30 minutes FPV action (with a 18650 2S1P 3500mAh) or a super thrilling proximity mission (on 3S setup), everything under 250 grams. Since the wingspan is only 570mm, you don’t even need to think about the portability, this thing is bicycle-ready!
Forget about those sketchy DIY projects, and spend your time flying a fantastic wing that will perform like a much bigger plane, without the worries of being pointed as a criminal.
Description of Dart 250G:
Brand Name: ZOHD KIT
Item Name: Dart 250G
Material: High-Quality EPP
Wingspan: 570mm (22.44'')
Length: 379mm (14.92in'')
ZOHD Dart 250G - Kit : 89g
ZOHD Dart 250G - PNP: 138g (including motor, esc, servos, prop.)
ZOHD Dart 250G - FPV: 161g (including ZOHD Kopilot FC, GPS, VC400 Camera, no battery and receiver) 

Recommanded Devices (not included in KIT version)
Motor: 1406-2600KV      
ESC: 30A w/5V 2A BEC
Servos: 9g
Propeller: 2 blade 5x5, 3 blade 3x5x3
Recommended Battery: (not included in any version)
Lipo 2S 3S 900-1500mAh
Li-Ion 18650 2S1P 3500mAh
Recommended RC system: (not included in any version)
Supported Receiver: PWM, PPM, S-Bus.

1. AUW is less than 250g, ideal to comply with Sub250g regulations
2. Durable EPP material, built-in CF spar for enhancement.
3. Being light-weight will be safe to fly anywhere, anytime. You’re avoiding the hassle of an FPV registration.
4. Glue-free assembly: the main wing and tails come with pre-applied adhesive tape, just peel it off and install them.
5. Large battery bay for extended flight time.
6. Nose camera bay compatible with all FPV and AIO cameras in the market.
7. Cover for the fuselage bottom: super durable, protecting the fuselage bottom from scratches.
8. Servo arms are well protected by an EPP hump.
9. Built-in CF rod in the ailerons will give precision and sharp action to your inputs.
10. Dedicated equipment bay for Flight Controller and GPS.
11. Main wing leading edge cover for those unexpected impacts.
12. Textured areas on both side of the fuselage, for more secure hand launch grip.
13. Optimized air-cooling design will keep your gear safe from overheating.
Specifications of ZOHD VC400 PIGGYBACK AIO NTSC FPV Camera w/ OSD 400mW 5.8G 40CH VTX 600TVL 120 FOV ultra-light Racing Camera:
1. Input voltage: 7-28V
2. Frequency band: 5.8GHZ
3. Video format: NTSC
4. Camera resolution: 600TVL
5. Antenna connector: Clover / Dipole
6. Field of View: 120 degrees
7. Size: 24*15*10mm
8. Weight: 8g
9. Output power: 0.1mW / 25mW / 200mW / 400mW
10. Operating current: 90mA (0.1mW) 150mA (25mW) 270mA (200mW) 360mA (400mW) 
1. 3-in-1 AIO integrated design, with camera, VTx and antenna, ultra-light weight and small size, best solution for light-weight airplanes.
2. With OSD to show Power-on time and Input Voltage, so you can know how long you can keep flying.
3. Default JST plug and up to 25cm power cable, long enough for most small size airplanes.
4. Up to 2.5km video transmission range on 400mW.
5. Wide voltage input from 7-28V, safe for all kinds of battery or BEC input.
6. With customized strap to hold the camera and EVA foam for anti-vibration.
7. Switchable between 0.1mW / 25mW / 200mW / 400mW.
8. Optional Clover / Dipole antenna for different air frames and flight mode (for straight line flights or flying around).
9. 5.8Ghz VTx with 40 racing channels.
10. Allows you to display customized Call Signs.
11. Power cable were soldering and fixed by silica glue, solid even in a crash.
Specifications of ZOHD Kopilot Lite Autopilot System Flight Controller with GPS Module Return Home Stabilization Gyro for RC Airplanes Fixed Wing FPV Model
1. Supported planes: T-Tail, V-tail, Flying Wing / delta Wing.
2. Supported Receiver: PWM, PPM, S-Bus.
3. Supported mode: Home (RTH), Fence (RAD), Stabilization modes.
4. Servo connector: 4 connectors
5. Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 50℃
6. Weight: 8g.

1. Easy Installation, minimal wiring. Super easy setup.
2. Powerful stabilization and RTH algorithm.
3. Return to Home (RTH) Fence (RAD) and Stabilization modes on a 3-position switch.
4. Supports T-Tail, V-tail and Flying Wing / d elta configurations.
5. Mini-size GPS unit for ultra-light setups.
6. Fast SAT lock.
7. Adjustment board removable for a light-weight setup.
8. Launch assistant and motor blocking for no SAT fix.
9. AIL, ELE, THR, RUD + AUX to control your servos. Landing gear and flaps go straight to RX. 
10. Computer-free programming.
11. Easy to transfer between planes
12. Completely transparent. Switch it off and use it as a mixing board only.

Package Includes:
KIT Includes:
1 x Dart 250G plane KIT with EPP foam and all hardware.
PNP Includes:
1 x Dart 250G plane PNP with pre-installed motor, esc, servos, propeller, hardware.
FPV Version Includes:
1 x Dart 250G plane PNP with pre-installed motor, esc, servos, propeller, hardware + ZOHD Kopilot Lite + ZOHD VC400 All-in-One Video Camera Combo

VC400 CAMERA Package
1 x VC400 AIO Camera with lens cover  
1 x Manual  
1 x Customized strap  
2 x EVA anti-vibration foam

ZOHD Kopilot Lite Package
1 x Kopilot Lite main board  
2 x Mounting support  
1 x GPS 
1 x Adjustment board  
1 x Double side tape  
1 x Screw driver