7/8/9FT Polyester Outdoor Waterproof Snooker Billiard Pool Table Cover Protector

  • $36.99

Material: Polyester waterproof fabric
Colour: Black
Process: 3 mm locking rope around
Weight: 70 g / square meter
1# : 2250 X 1160 X 820MM
2# : 2600 X 1350 X 820MM
3# : 2870 X 1550 X 820MM

- Waterproof, light, easy to carry. It is resistant to acid and alkali, high temperature resistance, easy washing and folding.

- Avoid sharp objects.
- If the product is damaged during use, it can be repaired with glue.
- Because of the limitation of the width of the cloth, there will be seams in the middle of the side, but it will not hinder the use.

Package Includes: 
1 X Polyester Waterproof Fabric