Portable Folding Shower Toilet Bedside Mobile Chair Seat Commode Wheelchair

  • $175.00

Three-in-one : Commode Toilet Chair = Shower Chair = Wheelchair
Durable Aluminium
One-button folding: Convenient & Saves Space
Smoking & Carry Potty: Easy To Clean
8 Inch Rear Wheel : Inside or outside install
4 Inch Front Wheel : 360 ° Rotating With Brake 
Ergonomic Handrail Design: Comfortable Non-slip
Premium Elastic Seat Cushion: Mildew-proof & Waterproof & Breathable 
- Padded seat fits over commode and converts into transport chair.
- Removable opening in the seat allows easily to simultaneously use as commode and transport chair.
- Detachable and swing away footrest.
- Drop arms allow easy patient transfer.
- Provides transport, transfer, and commode functions all in one unit.
- Arms drop independently below seat level for safe lateral transfers.
- Cushioned armrests enhance user comfort.
- Swing-away footrests can be extended or detached.
- Locking casters facilitate maneuverability in tight spaces.
- Padded seat cover also serves as a backrest.
Package Includes:
1x Commode Wheelchair 
1x Pot