Starry Sky RGB LED Extra Large Non-Slip Desk Gaming Mouse Pad Keyboard Mat

  • $33.99


Name: LED Mouse pad
Material: Rubber + Cloth
Colour: Black
14 kinds of lighting effects

1. Anti-slip bottom. This RGB large gaming mouse pad features a hard, high precised micro-textured finish that ensures accuracy and effortless speed.
2. The LED mouse pad has a true RGB backlit effect. There are 14 lighting modes.
3. You can turn off the light if you want to.
4. This hard backlit gaming mouse pad is powered by USB, plug and play, no driver needed.
5. One-touch control designed to switch the light colors on and off.
6. You can easily switch between the different modes, which include single colour, slow colour rotations and faster colour rotation.
7. Easy to use, easy to store/carry, foldable.
8. PU non-slip rubber bottom surface.
9. Large size with large mouse activity space to enhance gaming experience.

XL: 700x300x4mm
L: 300x800x4mm
M: 900x400x4mm
S: 350x250x4mm

Package includes:

1 x LED Mouse pad