Oval Banneton Bread Dough Sourdough Proofing Proving Rattan Brotform Basket

  • $19.50

Material: Rattan
Colour: Natural
Shape: Long Oval
Size (Length*Width*Height):
#1: 15x8x5cm
#2: 17x12x6cm
#3: 30x15x7cm
#4: 34x15x7cm

- Good for rising dough or decoration.
- When dough is risen, turn it out onto a pan to bake.
- Used by the most experienced bakers and the novice at home.
- Come with the linen liner that can be removed to clean and wash, reusable.
- Loaf will sport a gorgeous pattern of floury rings circling the deep-golden crust.
How to Use this bread rising basket ?
1. Flour the brotform then place the kneaded dough in the basket until it rises.
2. After dough has risen, take dough out of basket and transfer it onto a baking sheet for the oven.
3. Please Remember that with dough many things effect the rise: weather, yeast quality, and flour types can effect the rise.
4. Many Great Bakers let the dough rise in a greased bowl before they put it in the brotform. This creates a better texture and crust of your European country bread.
Package Included:
1 x Long Oval Rattan Basket & Liner