2.5 Inch Inlet Outlet Stainless Steel Universal Hotdog Exhaust Muffler Resonator

  • $66.99

1. Exhaust tip has corrosion resistance to alkali solution and most organic and inorganic acids.
2. Repeated polishing processing, highlighting the noble quality.

Condition: 100% Brand new
Model number: 923298
Material: Stainless steel
Colour: Chrome
Body Length: 25.4cm/10"
Body Type: 10.1cm/4" Round
Overall length: 35cm/13.79"
Inlet: 6.35cm/2.5"
Outlet: 6.35cm/2.5"
Surface finished: Polished
Body type: Round
Muffler type: Straight through
Core: Perforated Core - Fiberglass Packed

Package Includes:
1 X Exhaust Muffler