340pc M3 Stainless Steel Hex Socket Cap Button Head Screws Allen bolt Nut Kit M3SS1

  • $24.99

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Box Size: 125x65x22mm(LxWxH)
Total Weight: 195g
- 180pcs screws and 160pcs nuts.
- Made of stainless Steel material,Wear resistance, anti-rust, durable.
- Can be widely used for industry, equipment, model, quadcopter,FPV, craft DIY, home repairing and etc.

Package Includes:
Type   Quantity
 M3*5mm 20Pcs
M3*6mm 20Pcs
M3*8mm 20Pcs
M3*10mm 20Pcs
M3*12mm 20Pcs
M3*14mm 20Pcs
M3*16mm 20Pcs
M3*18mm 20Pcs
M3*20mm 20Pcs
Hex Nut 160Pcs
Total 340Pcs

1. The screws in the box might mix up during the shipment. Kindly hope you can understand.